Wednesday, September 30

Shopping with Stacy: Hastings on the South Hill

This week will be a bit different. Sandy's been sick and can't walk, I didn't feel like walking the Mall today. Friday I'll be setting up for the Spokane Ren Faire, so I'm using that as my 'workout' this week.

However, my good friend Sandy and I had our bi-monthly Writing & Coffee meet up at Hastings yesterday. Normally its at our Starbucks, but we thought that perhaps it might be nice to see if there's anyplace else nice out there.

Turns out, its not. While they have some of the BEST Chai I've ever had, its not the best place for us to write. Between noise and ADD distractions, we were lucky to get a couple hundred words written. I doubt it was over 1000 together!

Afterward, we wandered the store and I snapped some pictures of books I was interested in and general niftyness.

I LOVE this cover! Its just so creepy and awesome.
Even better, the inside of the book has the ORIGINAL drawings!

I judge books by their covers. This one looks interesting.

Again with the 'Hmmm, What's it about?'

I liked the idea of it. I'll have to look into what its actually about.

I want this to say 'Whoooo Arrrrrrrre Youuuuuuuuuu?'


They wouldn't fit me, but I love them.


Love Hawkeye ^^

Wanna curl up under Hulk's chest every night?

He smashed it!

:D Can't go wrong with the Guardians!

The cassette tape is awesome.


Its not me, but I also think its somehow cute...

Hehehehehehee. I want this.

Always nice to have up and perhaps SCARE the aforementioned small children.

As I'm sure you've noticed, I like Robin and Batman. You can win me over with Robin stuff. I mean, I'm yours. Its even better if you can get Tim Drake, but I don't mind Dick Grayson. Not a fan of Jason Todd or Damion Wayne. Stephanie wasn't all that bad.

Next week, we'll be back with our 'regularly scheduled Shopping Trips'

Kristy C

Monday, September 28


I felt a desire to post something... But I didn't know what to post.

Still, I'm going to post something. Even if its just random ramblings.

Today I felt pretty 'blah' and didn't both getting up out of bed until close to 10am. While I'd planned on walking to Rocket and back, but I had a Doctors Appt at 1:30 and since I'd started so late, and tend to rest for a while at the cafe, I knew it wouldn't work. Plus, it would be a waste of money.

Instead, I did some quick research and found a walk around Manito Park that sounded nice. It went around most of the sights and over to another park all together. Was supposed to be 2.4 miles, but when I added in a few other elements I think I added over a mile as well. Not that its a bad thing. More walking is good for me.

So, I walked, I took some photos and I enjoyed myself.  Afterward I went to PitaPit for lunch and that was fairly wonderful too.

Up next was my Doctors Appt, which I have every three months. We talk over my anxiety, depression, and health. Over all, she says I seem to be doing pretty good. Which makes me happy.

Just before going home, I instead went to a park and read a book. One I discovered, I'd already read.  I know because I skipped to the end and went 'Yep, I know it."

Took the book to a local Little Library and traded it out for something else.

I got home, made dinner [Turkey Taco's in a whole wheat shell.], we watched some Emergency and then, I put in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

Not a bad day, if I do say so myself.

What about you? How was your day?

Kristy C

Saturday, September 26

Shopping with Sandy: Kids Clothes

I have to start this with a comment about how freaking lucky kids are. Why? Because I want to wear half the shirts they have in the shops. Kids can get away with wearing tutu's over leggings, without being labeled.  Its not fair. I want to wear a tutu over leggings, with a sweater.


Anywho. Our first stop was Gymboree.

Next...Well, actually next we ran to get my hair cut, stopped by Sandy's and had Pitas for lunch... Errands and food.

But then, we went to The Children's Place.

Gotta say, Justice was the best. Soooo many clothes I wanted to wear.

I waaant that Purple Monkey shirt. S'not fair.

Next was Crazy 8.  They have some pretty freaking cute things. No lie.

Our last stop was GAP Kids,were you can get cute, but more practical.

Next week, we'll be showing off Hipster clothes.  Since its a kinda broad subject, we figure it deserves its own week.  Catch ya then!!

Kristy C

Friday, September 25


About a month ago, I felt a desire to lose weight. Again.

But this time was different, or has been, something. Anywho, I'm actually doing it. I checked out a book by Leslie Sansone and called 'Walk Away The Pounds'. Its a slow build up of walking, which can be done in the house.

So I started walking in the morning and before bed. It was small, 30 min mile. Then 25. Then 18. Then two miles. Then three.

Well, I haven't reached three just yet. But I'm close. And I've started watching what I eat more. It isn't easy, but I'm trying. More protein, less bad fat and carbs. Still not there yet, but I'm closer.

Also going to add in a few other elements to my work out. Like doing what I can from a Nike video set three times a week. Each is different.

On Monday, I decided I wanted to take a walk to a local cafe... Its a little over a mile and a half away. So, I did. Sat for an hour or so and then walked back.  Tuesday I said 'I wanna do it again.' And was up, ready to walk, at 7am. Which is very weird, if you know me.

That led to 2 discoveries.

1, it is COLD at 7am.
2, I need to wash my walking pants more often, or buy workout leggings to wear under them, so I don't chafe.

By Wednesday, I was all owy and yesterday I didn't do as much walking as I wanted too.

But I still did it. :D

Today, I'm mall walking with Sandy and then getting a hair cut.

My main struggle isn't with the walking, its with the eating. I need to change and I'm struggling to do that. I see my doctor on Monday for my 3 month 'how are you doing' appt, and I'll try and remember to bring it up with her.

Kristy C

Thursday, September 24

Shopping with Sandy: Maternity & Soccer Mom

This week we're showing off Kids/Maternity & Soccer Mom fashions. :D

Sandy wasn't up for walking yesterday, so I did the Maternity & Soccer Mom shops myself. Turns out, there's only two stores at the Spokane Valley Mall for those, giving me less time in the mall.

First up is Motherhood Maternity

Next up was Christopher & Banks

Saturday or Sunday I should have the Kids clothing up. There are several shops in a row for those, so expect LOTS of photos.  :D

Kristy C

Saturday, September 19

Shopping with Sandy: Preppy

Today, after our 1+ mile walk in the mall, we hit up a few stores to showcase Preppy looks.

First up is the workout clothes of the Prep Chicks… PINK!

Next we have the center of Prep, Gap...

Hollister was a blast, despite the darker insides.  Sandy got a new shirt [photo to be posted on Instagram on Tuesday.]

American Eagle Outfitters was a blast. Lots of kick ass clothes.

Last on our list, we stopped by Aeropostale.  There, I grabbed two new shirts. [Look for them on Instagram.]

It was interesting to realize that our Supernatural boys, Dean and Sam, wear a lot of clothes that you find while shopping for Preppy styles, if you grunge it up a bit.

Kristy C

Next week we’re going to do Kids Clothes & Maternity & Soccer Mom styles. Check back then!