Friday, November 25

The First....

I know... Over the last week or so, I've managed to sink into a micro depression.  I think, its starting to hit me as to why....

Last years holiday season, wasn't wonderful and spectacular, but... There were four of us.  The family was whole.

This year, there are three of us.  Yes, mom died in April... But, nothing stops the pain of knowing she's not here.  Mixed in with... Everything else, right now I just don't have the energy to put time or effort into something.  And, I know I have to.  I need to work on school and I need to write and... I need to make jewelry.  But, I just feel broke and useless... My jewelry isn't selling, in person or online.  I'm only half enjoying my classes... And I love my book, but right now... I can't focus on it.  I both, need to get out and at the same time, don't have a desire to go any place.

Perhaps... I should still, get out.  Shower, get dressed and made up... Go get myself some hot chocolate/coffee... And at the very least, be not home for twenty minutes.

As an aside, I'd love some feedback on what I'm about to post.  I'm just depressed enough, that I see I have over 100 followers, but receive no comments on anything.. Except contests...Which, I might just stop doing for a little while.

The true story of a Mr. Diggory and a Miss. Perdita Tapio

Diggory and Perdita were twins, who, at a the young age of 23, graduated with doctorates in NeoTechnology.  Thought to be prodigy's in the technologies, they set up a sort of laboratory for study into a few programs that might advance the use of a few of the more space-oriented programs.

Let us explain the technologies of the time.  The two most prominent branches where NeoTechnology and NanoTechnology.  Both were said to be on the cusp of a break through.  Nanotechnology used small machines to create larger ones, that worked as one piece as a whole.  Despite assumptions, this made it easier to figure out when something was broken, by just looking up which Nanite was no longer running properly.  You then shut down for a short amount of time and allowed the Nanites to disassemble, before releasing the new on in to join the machine.  While on the rise, this technology ran into the same snag that Air Ship designs ran into, with the lack of proper processors to run advanced machines.

NeoTechnology has a different approach to everything.  It looks toward making things bigger, but all in one.  The ideas come closer to that of a living machine.  By building a machine as one giant living thing, then creating the program to run it all, machines can work as one whole, instead of millions of minds.  Finding something broken is simple, as the machines program simply searches for the problem and alters those running to, to the problem.  It however ran into the problem of finding a power source to run such a massive, living machine.

Very few people ever worked in both sciences, as they tended to work toward different goals along the way, despite the end result being the same.

Our twins had started to work on a new program that would allow Nanites to work as a team in harmony, better then they currently were. Along the way, they had also created a different way of programming.  They actually used the newly created HoloTechnology to literally enter a program and work on it from the inside out.  Few others used the HoloTech as they did, which made their programs far more advanced than any other on the market.

After working on the code normally, they would then go into the code and watch how it worked to try and solve any problems in the code.  They always left a trail to get out.  After working on the code for several months, they set up the holo-cam to start working from the inside out.

Heading inside the code, they found themselves in a forest of the ones and zeros that filled their little world.  Triggering the holo-computer to start the trail, they worked their way deeper into the program.  Time moves differently in the holo-world, and neither was actually sure how long they walked along, before the house came into view.  It wasn't like anything they'd seen before in a program, and both were very sure it was actually a virus of some sort.  As they got closer to it, the whole program started to skip and ump, causing them to wonder on how to back out, but not finding the trail.

"I guess we're stuck going in."  Diggory told his sister, as they stopped before the house.

Perdita leaned in and frowned at the house, "It's... It's made of... Candy." She said, frowning as she looked back at her brother.  "A house of candy?  We've seen virus' in programs before, but never like this."

"Makes me think of Alice in Wonderland..." He commented, running his hand along the candy cane pillar.  "I keep waiting for a big... Eat Me sign to appear."

"Yeah... Let's look inside, maybe something will show us how to destroy this thing..."

"Never should have let the others share our lab... You know those NanoTech people want us to fail."

Taking her bothers hand, Perdita shook her head.  "You know better than to think like that.  They have helped us keep the costs down, by sharing our lab, it's barely costing us half the rent."

Something that sounded almost like a mechanical laugh erupted behind them.  Something dropped and the two blinked at the licorice bars of a cage.

"See how you enjoy this, NeoTech.  We'll let you out when we show up in the morning... NANOTECH!!!"

Diggory looked back at his sister, "They don't understand Holo's, do they?"

Friday, November 11


As you may known, per my last post, my NaNo this year is a modern retelling of Fairy Tales.  What you might not know, is that I love and adore fairy tales.  Always have, always will.  There's just something about them.  I might enjoy Mystery's, Super Hero's and Fantasy.... But I'll drop them all for a fairy tale.  So seeing from another blog, You Are The Unicorn Of My Dreams, posted about the new Snow White movie, I jumped at it.  I'm far from a Kristen Stewart, in fact I don't think she can act at all.  BUT, I'll still go and see it, most likely in the theater.

Tuesday I'll post another teaser from my Current NaNo.  So far, I've written Snow White, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Little Red RidingHood and am working on Cinderella right now.  Of those, post in a comment which one you'd like to have a blurb from!!
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Wednesday, November 9

Nano, day... ah..

I don't know.  I just know I should have been at 15k.... AND I AM!!!  That includes the fact that I scrapped my first story.  Kinda.  I'm working to up my words to a point that I can actually drop those, but... Right now I'm keeping that 5000 words.  I worked hard for them, and that story isn't dead... Just, isn't talking to me.

Now... As a bonus, I'm including a teaser to the new story.  ^^

Once upon a time... Words synonomus with fairy tales and happy endings.  You've heard all the stories, of prinice's that sweep in at the last minute and rescue the princess from certain death, while manging to look dashing the whole time. 
Let me tell you, they tend to take a very differnt when your standing on the inside looking out at one.  Very, very different.
Here's an example of what you know, and what really happened.

There once was a young girl, a princess in fact, who's mother passed away when she was young.  The girls father remarried a beautiful, but vain, woman.  Then a few years later, the girls father died.  Everything was good until the prinicess matured and became a stunning beauty.  This insulted the queen, who saw her place as the 'fairest of them all' to be in jepoardy.  So she had the young woman taken out into the woods and killed.  Or that's what she thought.  In reality, the man was too "moral" to actually kill a young woman for now reason, so instead abandoned her in the wilderness.  After wandering for a while, she was taken in by 7 little men and in trade for cooking and clean, given a place to sleep and protection. 
However, after a while the queen found out the truth and set out to kill the young woman herself.  She tried three times, suffication, poison on the skin and finally, poison by mouth. [need actual words/phrases] 
Each time, there was a side effect to the posion she didn't antisipate, a loophole of sorts.  And each time she was able to survive at the lastt minute.  The final time, it was a prince from another land who fell in love with her and swept her off to his kingdom. 
You know how it ends.

That's a pretty cute little story, but there's a lot more that you've never heard about along the way.  A lot more that happened.  How do I know?  No, I'm not 'that girl'.  I've never even met her.  No, but I was able to 'peek' into her life and see how it all really went down. 
 And that, is my new intro.  ^^  I'm excited and feeling a little like I'm gonna need to send thank you notes to ABC, as they've now inspired 2 NaNo Novels... With the only shows I even watch there too.

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Thursday, November 3

As of now.... NaNoWriMo Update

I have been... Ahead and behind.  Tuesday, I was way ahead. Then, somehow my bottom fell out and... The story isn't working with me well.  I've had to change part of how I write, and instead... Just write whatever comes to mind, not in order for sure.  I don't do that.  Its not east.  Blah...

Anywho.. Here's an except of what I've been working on.

A History of Amalathea
-- From the Book of Ages, Vol. 1, 

The city of Amalathea was born the day after the great fire... The day so much of the world was taken up in flames.  Only a few places survived that day, spared by [another word for freak] rainstorms, that eventually reached the rest of the world to sooth the raging beast.  As the storms stilled and calmed, the few thousand survivors found the earth covered in soot and ash.

Somehow, while the rest of the world was trying to gather its self up and move forward, the city of Amalathea was [another word for born.]  The first building was said to rise out of the ground, tall and black as the night, it is said to have shined out, as if to state its claim to the rest of the world.

Proclaiming, 'I Am Here'.

Within five years, it was well on its way to being called 'The Grand City of Amalathea.'  In the center of the city there stood a tree, young and still somewhere between sapling and [word for a tree after sapling].  No one knew where the tree had come from, it had simply always been there, somehow vital to the safety and prosperity of the city.

Over the next 100 years, it had settled to keep within the forest that had regrown around city.  As sacred as the tree in the center of town, it wasn't until a new mayor took power, that that changed. [bob] Kjersti sought a different path for the city of Amalathea...

Despite the peace of the city, he started a campaign to remove the Roma, or Gypsy's as he called them, from Amalathea. Claiming they would bring only cons and lies, he started to bring charged against them and sought to discredit every good they had brought about. It took him almost 50 years, but in the end the families were removed and sent to live in what he had dubbed, the Gypsy Forest.

While Amalathea continued to prosper and grow, the removal of the Roma created a stark realization in everyone.  It took another two generations before their being a part of the city became only a story told to children.  The Kjersti family became one of [another word for prosperity] and power.  For 7 generations things continued as they had been since the family first took control of the city. An ancestor of the first was the first to step into the new world and see what would change the face of the city, and the world, forever.

His reasoning had been sound and with the Roma 'out of sight, out of mind' expanding the city made sense.  Through this, the forest started to disappear.  Slowly, woodsman started to cut down the trees that encircled the city.  It moved so [another word for slow], that most people didn't even notice that the trees were missing, until months had gone by.

Historians have recorded that when in its prime, the Gypsy Forest held trees more beautiful than any man had seen before.  Men of science studied the trees, seeking to learn more about them.  Their discovery of how unique the trees were, went largely unnoticed in the pursuit of enlarging the city, of making it as grand as they believed it was meant to be...

It wasn't until most of the forest was cleared away, that the people realized how stark and empty the land felt then.  Seeking to reclaim that beauty, they built monuments and [another word for grand] buildings.

Thus it was almost 500 years after its founding, that the city we know and love now, was born.

Tuesday, November 1

NaNo is HERE!!!

That's right, NaNo has started and writers around the globe are battling out in word wars and working to create new worlds and tell a yet untold story.



Wha?  I'm a writer.

If you'd like to be a writing buddy, feel free to add me and I'll add you back.  KCarey is my name.

Now.. Onto the updates.

By 3 am, I had hit the daily number of 1671.  It took longer then I'd hoped as I had a few distractions...

1, character wouldn't give me his name.
2, found out the people are 'Roma' in heritage, and I had to do some research and grab a translator..
3, one character refused to tell me his name... He was [Snookie] for a little while.

I'm gonna give you a little teaser from my story... The intro.  ^^

She stared down at the body, wondering how it all had happened as she finished the cigarette.  It hadn't been the plan to kill anyone... But then, it never was.  Maybe it had been fate... The people about the room were still gasping, unable to believe that this had happened just a few moments ago.

Adriana stood up and dropped the mostly wasted [nother word for cigarette] to the fdloor, using the toe of her shoes to grind it away into the ground.  She'd need to leave... Need to not be here when the police arrived.  There was no way to explain everything to the police, no way to explain why he'd had to die.  Turning away, the blue eyed woman was soon slipping through a back door, escaping into the night...

A night that was filled by trees.  The hotel sat in the middle of the city and had for just over 15 years... How had...


Emmanuel Tober stood at the front entrance to his grand achievement.  It was like nothing else that anyone had built.  Closing his eyes, the tall man remembered just how the idea of it had come to him, almost as if it had been... Spoken, by the building its self.  He'd never gotten into that with the others.  Hadn't wanted to try and explain it, just implied it was something special and original.  Tomorrow, it would open and the world would know the beauty of Amalathea, the shining beacon of what the great city truely was.

He headed up the starecase and toward the room he had been using for as long as he was able.  The spiral starecase wound its way through the center, up toward the penthouse suite.  That too was a marvle ntil its self.  It was what he hadn't been able to explain, beyond actually building it himself.

Sinking down into the plush couch, Emmanuel worked to calm his speeding heart.  Tomorrow... But, was it actually finished?  Why did it seem as if there was so much more he could have known about, before actally building it.  So much more to understand.  These thought filled his mind as slowly, he drifted off into a dreamless sleep.
Upon opening his eyes, the stark darkness surprised him.  Shoudln't it be light out?  He felt well rested, there was no reason for it to feel this...

"Where in the hell am I?"  A voice spoke angerly only a short distance away.

Moving carefully, he was soon crouching behind a bush, watching as a young woman glared at the darkness as if it was offending her.  Her dress confused him some, seeming similar to some of the rising mobsters about Amlathea, but at the same time... Not quite right.  And on a woman no less.  That, wasn't at all the way it should be.  For several long moments, he debated moving to talk to her, unsure on the safety of the idea.  The choice was taken away from her a few moments later, when the young woman turned at a light that came from no where and vanished with it before a single breath could cross his lips.

Standing up, the architect had a sensation that scared him.  It would be a very, very long time... Before he ever saw his grand building again.

---End Intro--