Saturday, September 26

Shopping with Sandy: Kids Clothes

I have to start this with a comment about how freaking lucky kids are. Why? Because I want to wear half the shirts they have in the shops. Kids can get away with wearing tutu's over leggings, without being labeled.  Its not fair. I want to wear a tutu over leggings, with a sweater.


Anywho. Our first stop was Gymboree.

Next...Well, actually next we ran to get my hair cut, stopped by Sandy's and had Pitas for lunch... Errands and food.

But then, we went to The Children's Place.

Gotta say, Justice was the best. Soooo many clothes I wanted to wear.

I waaant that Purple Monkey shirt. S'not fair.

Next was Crazy 8.  They have some pretty freaking cute things. No lie.

Our last stop was GAP Kids,were you can get cute, but more practical.

Next week, we'll be showing off Hipster clothes.  Since its a kinda broad subject, we figure it deserves its own week.  Catch ya then!!

Kristy C