Saturday, September 19

Shopping with Sandy: Preppy

Today, after our 1+ mile walk in the mall, we hit up a few stores to showcase Preppy looks.

First up is the workout clothes of the Prep Chicks… PINK!

Next we have the center of Prep, Gap...

Hollister was a blast, despite the darker insides.  Sandy got a new shirt [photo to be posted on Instagram on Tuesday.]

American Eagle Outfitters was a blast. Lots of kick ass clothes.

Last on our list, we stopped by Aeropostale.  There, I grabbed two new shirts. [Look for them on Instagram.]

It was interesting to realize that our Supernatural boys, Dean and Sam, wear a lot of clothes that you find while shopping for Preppy styles, if you grunge it up a bit.

Kristy C

Next week we’re going to do Kids Clothes & Maternity & Soccer Mom styles. Check back then!