Thursday, February 5


So, I've got bad teeth. Not tons, but a few... Ok, between tons and a few.

Anywho, the problem is now in getting an appointment. Since they've opened up the medicare to just about anyone, it makes getting in much easier. For everyone. So now, I'm going to be calling about 7:30am every morning, trying to get in to see them... 6 weeks out.

I know the end result for my exam. They're gonna say 'crap, your teeth are in lousy shape.' and I'll say 'Yeah, I know. I have tried, but... Yeah, I know.' and then I'll start making appointments to get things yanked out, and partials built for me.

Kinda a crappy thing to look forward to at almost 33, but I'm not the only one out there... In fact, I'm sure I'm far from the minority here.

So, there ya have it.  And to make things better, my teeth have been hurting the last few days.  Yay me.

Kristy C

Wednesday, February 4

Complaints about readers...

Who complain about a book, but don't read it.

Its one thing for me to say 'I won't read those books, because I don't handle horror well' and another to say 'those books are crap, I haven't read them but I've read all about them from other people.'

Sure, I read about books all the time, and sure I won't tend to read those books, but not because of what I've heard... Rather, because the plot and contents don't seem to fit with what I'd enjoy. What don't I do?

I don't post long posts on social media saying 'Hey, this book is bad and says this!!!!' and blast it all over the place, while admitting that I've not read them.

It would be the same as saying 'I don't like the feel of silk. I've never touched it, but I've read all about it.'

Sounds silly, doesn't it?

Kristy C