Tuesday, May 5


So, with the recent travel I was doing, I decided to pick up some audio books and enjoy those while I drive around. Of course, I get them just before my time slows to a standstill... But, oh well. I go through phases. Sometimes, I don't want to listen to music.

Anywho, something I didn't know, was that you could return them on Audible.com.

I started listening to one, The Clockwork Scarab, and think I heard about 20 minutes, before I had to turn it off. Couldn't stand the book.

Same thing happened to another book, The Palace Job, which was in part the narrator. Couldn't take her. And the story was confusing, really confusing.

NEARLY did it with one I'm listening, The Dead Key, but gave it another chance. I think I'll need to relisten to it to really pick it up, but its interesting enough to keep me going.  The story's being told in two time lines.

On the flip side, I've enjoyed many of the others I picked up. Including, The Paper Magician. THAT, is a freaking awesome book. How awesome? I grabbed the second book already.

There are others in my wish list, plus others in my queue, but I've been reading either ebook or listening to radio programs for the most part at home, and use the Audiobooks for driving.

I should give a more in depth review of the books, but I'm kinda.. Not in the mood.  Not right now at least.

Kristy C