Monday, September 28


I felt a desire to post something... But I didn't know what to post.

Still, I'm going to post something. Even if its just random ramblings.

Today I felt pretty 'blah' and didn't both getting up out of bed until close to 10am. While I'd planned on walking to Rocket and back, but I had a Doctors Appt at 1:30 and since I'd started so late, and tend to rest for a while at the cafe, I knew it wouldn't work. Plus, it would be a waste of money.

Instead, I did some quick research and found a walk around Manito Park that sounded nice. It went around most of the sights and over to another park all together. Was supposed to be 2.4 miles, but when I added in a few other elements I think I added over a mile as well. Not that its a bad thing. More walking is good for me.

So, I walked, I took some photos and I enjoyed myself.  Afterward I went to PitaPit for lunch and that was fairly wonderful too.

Up next was my Doctors Appt, which I have every three months. We talk over my anxiety, depression, and health. Over all, she says I seem to be doing pretty good. Which makes me happy.

Just before going home, I instead went to a park and read a book. One I discovered, I'd already read.  I know because I skipped to the end and went 'Yep, I know it."

Took the book to a local Little Library and traded it out for something else.

I got home, made dinner [Turkey Taco's in a whole wheat shell.], we watched some Emergency and then, I put in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

Not a bad day, if I do say so myself.

What about you? How was your day?

Kristy C