Wednesday, September 30

Shopping with Stacy: Hastings on the South Hill

This week will be a bit different. Sandy's been sick and can't walk, I didn't feel like walking the Mall today. Friday I'll be setting up for the Spokane Ren Faire, so I'm using that as my 'workout' this week.

However, my good friend Sandy and I had our bi-monthly Writing & Coffee meet up at Hastings yesterday. Normally its at our Starbucks, but we thought that perhaps it might be nice to see if there's anyplace else nice out there.

Turns out, its not. While they have some of the BEST Chai I've ever had, its not the best place for us to write. Between noise and ADD distractions, we were lucky to get a couple hundred words written. I doubt it was over 1000 together!

Afterward, we wandered the store and I snapped some pictures of books I was interested in and general niftyness.

I LOVE this cover! Its just so creepy and awesome.
Even better, the inside of the book has the ORIGINAL drawings!

I judge books by their covers. This one looks interesting.

Again with the 'Hmmm, What's it about?'

I liked the idea of it. I'll have to look into what its actually about.

I want this to say 'Whoooo Arrrrrrrre Youuuuuuuuuu?'


They wouldn't fit me, but I love them.


Love Hawkeye ^^

Wanna curl up under Hulk's chest every night?

He smashed it!

:D Can't go wrong with the Guardians!

The cassette tape is awesome.


Its not me, but I also think its somehow cute...

Hehehehehehee. I want this.

Always nice to have up and perhaps SCARE the aforementioned small children.

As I'm sure you've noticed, I like Robin and Batman. You can win me over with Robin stuff. I mean, I'm yours. Its even better if you can get Tim Drake, but I don't mind Dick Grayson. Not a fan of Jason Todd or Damion Wayne. Stephanie wasn't all that bad.

Next week, we'll be back with our 'regularly scheduled Shopping Trips'

Kristy C