Friday, September 25


About a month ago, I felt a desire to lose weight. Again.

But this time was different, or has been, something. Anywho, I'm actually doing it. I checked out a book by Leslie Sansone and called 'Walk Away The Pounds'. Its a slow build up of walking, which can be done in the house.

So I started walking in the morning and before bed. It was small, 30 min mile. Then 25. Then 18. Then two miles. Then three.

Well, I haven't reached three just yet. But I'm close. And I've started watching what I eat more. It isn't easy, but I'm trying. More protein, less bad fat and carbs. Still not there yet, but I'm closer.

Also going to add in a few other elements to my work out. Like doing what I can from a Nike video set three times a week. Each is different.

On Monday, I decided I wanted to take a walk to a local cafe... Its a little over a mile and a half away. So, I did. Sat for an hour or so and then walked back.  Tuesday I said 'I wanna do it again.' And was up, ready to walk, at 7am. Which is very weird, if you know me.

That led to 2 discoveries.

1, it is COLD at 7am.
2, I need to wash my walking pants more often, or buy workout leggings to wear under them, so I don't chafe.

By Wednesday, I was all owy and yesterday I didn't do as much walking as I wanted too.

But I still did it. :D

Today, I'm mall walking with Sandy and then getting a hair cut.

My main struggle isn't with the walking, its with the eating. I need to change and I'm struggling to do that. I see my doctor on Monday for my 3 month 'how are you doing' appt, and I'll try and remember to bring it up with her.

Kristy C