Wednesday, November 9

Nano, day... ah..

I don't know.  I just know I should have been at 15k.... AND I AM!!!  That includes the fact that I scrapped my first story.  Kinda.  I'm working to up my words to a point that I can actually drop those, but... Right now I'm keeping that 5000 words.  I worked hard for them, and that story isn't dead... Just, isn't talking to me.

Now... As a bonus, I'm including a teaser to the new story.  ^^

Once upon a time... Words synonomus with fairy tales and happy endings.  You've heard all the stories, of prinice's that sweep in at the last minute and rescue the princess from certain death, while manging to look dashing the whole time. 
Let me tell you, they tend to take a very differnt when your standing on the inside looking out at one.  Very, very different.
Here's an example of what you know, and what really happened.

There once was a young girl, a princess in fact, who's mother passed away when she was young.  The girls father remarried a beautiful, but vain, woman.  Then a few years later, the girls father died.  Everything was good until the prinicess matured and became a stunning beauty.  This insulted the queen, who saw her place as the 'fairest of them all' to be in jepoardy.  So she had the young woman taken out into the woods and killed.  Or that's what she thought.  In reality, the man was too "moral" to actually kill a young woman for now reason, so instead abandoned her in the wilderness.  After wandering for a while, she was taken in by 7 little men and in trade for cooking and clean, given a place to sleep and protection. 
However, after a while the queen found out the truth and set out to kill the young woman herself.  She tried three times, suffication, poison on the skin and finally, poison by mouth. [need actual words/phrases] 
Each time, there was a side effect to the posion she didn't antisipate, a loophole of sorts.  And each time she was able to survive at the lastt minute.  The final time, it was a prince from another land who fell in love with her and swept her off to his kingdom. 
You know how it ends.

That's a pretty cute little story, but there's a lot more that you've never heard about along the way.  A lot more that happened.  How do I know?  No, I'm not 'that girl'.  I've never even met her.  No, but I was able to 'peek' into her life and see how it all really went down. 
 And that, is my new intro.  ^^  I'm excited and feeling a little like I'm gonna need to send thank you notes to ABC, as they've now inspired 2 NaNo Novels... With the only shows I even watch there too.

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