Tuesday, November 1

NaNo is HERE!!!

That's right, NaNo has started and writers around the globe are battling out in word wars and working to create new worlds and tell a yet untold story.



Wha?  I'm a writer.

If you'd like to be a writing buddy, feel free to add me and I'll add you back.  KCarey is my name.

Now.. Onto the updates.

By 3 am, I had hit the daily number of 1671.  It took longer then I'd hoped as I had a few distractions...

1, character wouldn't give me his name.
2, found out the people are 'Roma' in heritage, and I had to do some research and grab a translator..
3, one character refused to tell me his name... He was [Snookie] for a little while.

I'm gonna give you a little teaser from my story... The intro.  ^^

She stared down at the body, wondering how it all had happened as she finished the cigarette.  It hadn't been the plan to kill anyone... But then, it never was.  Maybe it had been fate... The people about the room were still gasping, unable to believe that this had happened just a few moments ago.

Adriana stood up and dropped the mostly wasted [nother word for cigarette] to the fdloor, using the toe of her shoes to grind it away into the ground.  She'd need to leave... Need to not be here when the police arrived.  There was no way to explain everything to the police, no way to explain why he'd had to die.  Turning away, the blue eyed woman was soon slipping through a back door, escaping into the night...

A night that was filled by trees.  The hotel sat in the middle of the city and had for just over 15 years... How had...


Emmanuel Tober stood at the front entrance to his grand achievement.  It was like nothing else that anyone had built.  Closing his eyes, the tall man remembered just how the idea of it had come to him, almost as if it had been... Spoken, by the building its self.  He'd never gotten into that with the others.  Hadn't wanted to try and explain it, just implied it was something special and original.  Tomorrow, it would open and the world would know the beauty of Amalathea, the shining beacon of what the great city truely was.

He headed up the starecase and toward the room he had been using for as long as he was able.  The spiral starecase wound its way through the center, up toward the penthouse suite.  That too was a marvle ntil its self.  It was what he hadn't been able to explain, beyond actually building it himself.

Sinking down into the plush couch, Emmanuel worked to calm his speeding heart.  Tomorrow... But, was it actually finished?  Why did it seem as if there was so much more he could have known about, before actally building it.  So much more to understand.  These thought filled his mind as slowly, he drifted off into a dreamless sleep.
Upon opening his eyes, the stark darkness surprised him.  Shoudln't it be light out?  He felt well rested, there was no reason for it to feel this...

"Where in the hell am I?"  A voice spoke angerly only a short distance away.

Moving carefully, he was soon crouching behind a bush, watching as a young woman glared at the darkness as if it was offending her.  Her dress confused him some, seeming similar to some of the rising mobsters about Amlathea, but at the same time... Not quite right.  And on a woman no less.  That, wasn't at all the way it should be.  For several long moments, he debated moving to talk to her, unsure on the safety of the idea.  The choice was taken away from her a few moments later, when the young woman turned at a light that came from no where and vanished with it before a single breath could cross his lips.

Standing up, the architect had a sensation that scared him.  It would be a very, very long time... Before he ever saw his grand building again.

---End Intro--