Thursday, November 3

As of now.... NaNoWriMo Update

I have been... Ahead and behind.  Tuesday, I was way ahead. Then, somehow my bottom fell out and... The story isn't working with me well.  I've had to change part of how I write, and instead... Just write whatever comes to mind, not in order for sure.  I don't do that.  Its not east.  Blah...

Anywho.. Here's an except of what I've been working on.

A History of Amalathea
-- From the Book of Ages, Vol. 1, 

The city of Amalathea was born the day after the great fire... The day so much of the world was taken up in flames.  Only a few places survived that day, spared by [another word for freak] rainstorms, that eventually reached the rest of the world to sooth the raging beast.  As the storms stilled and calmed, the few thousand survivors found the earth covered in soot and ash.

Somehow, while the rest of the world was trying to gather its self up and move forward, the city of Amalathea was [another word for born.]  The first building was said to rise out of the ground, tall and black as the night, it is said to have shined out, as if to state its claim to the rest of the world.

Proclaiming, 'I Am Here'.

Within five years, it was well on its way to being called 'The Grand City of Amalathea.'  In the center of the city there stood a tree, young and still somewhere between sapling and [word for a tree after sapling].  No one knew where the tree had come from, it had simply always been there, somehow vital to the safety and prosperity of the city.

Over the next 100 years, it had settled to keep within the forest that had regrown around city.  As sacred as the tree in the center of town, it wasn't until a new mayor took power, that that changed. [bob] Kjersti sought a different path for the city of Amalathea...

Despite the peace of the city, he started a campaign to remove the Roma, or Gypsy's as he called them, from Amalathea. Claiming they would bring only cons and lies, he started to bring charged against them and sought to discredit every good they had brought about. It took him almost 50 years, but in the end the families were removed and sent to live in what he had dubbed, the Gypsy Forest.

While Amalathea continued to prosper and grow, the removal of the Roma created a stark realization in everyone.  It took another two generations before their being a part of the city became only a story told to children.  The Kjersti family became one of [another word for prosperity] and power.  For 7 generations things continued as they had been since the family first took control of the city. An ancestor of the first was the first to step into the new world and see what would change the face of the city, and the world, forever.

His reasoning had been sound and with the Roma 'out of sight, out of mind' expanding the city made sense.  Through this, the forest started to disappear.  Slowly, woodsman started to cut down the trees that encircled the city.  It moved so [another word for slow], that most people didn't even notice that the trees were missing, until months had gone by.

Historians have recorded that when in its prime, the Gypsy Forest held trees more beautiful than any man had seen before.  Men of science studied the trees, seeking to learn more about them.  Their discovery of how unique the trees were, went largely unnoticed in the pursuit of enlarging the city, of making it as grand as they believed it was meant to be...

It wasn't until most of the forest was cleared away, that the people realized how stark and empty the land felt then.  Seeking to reclaim that beauty, they built monuments and [another word for grand] buildings.

Thus it was almost 500 years after its founding, that the city we know and love now, was born.