Thursday, October 6

Why I Write....

So.. Hildred over at Musings of a Procrastinating Author, asked this question... And after like, a week of planning on answering, I finally sat down to write out the answer... Of course, being me, its written on the fly and with no planning or direction.

Why I write....

To offer my mind an escape. A lot of crap has happened in... Well, in the last 7 years, but since February, life hasn't been even close to easy. Even when I write for school and its a paper I could care less about and am only working to get to that.. 1000 words or 3-4 pages in length, I still use it to escape.

To let my brain calm down.
I know this sounds like the first, but its actually not. I have a highly active brain at times, imagination likes to run on high. And I firmly, without having researched or gathered any proof, believe that creativity and insanity can be one in the same, and writing is one way I... Release everything that's gathered up in my head and let it loose. A, release of pressure, if you will.

Its a dream. I've always wanted to have a book published, and I know despite it all.. I do in fact have the talent to get a book out there and enjoyed by... People.

To fulfill a promise... This isn't exactly the reason... But, I know my mom believed I had at least one book in me and I'd like to see that happen.