Sunday, September 25


I was reading Angela's blog and read the words 'Gypsy Forest', and it really caught my eye.  So much, that I started a file called 'Nano Idea's', and my plan is to just write down words and thoughts that catch my eye and when November happens, pick an already started story or writing one from scratch.

I'm a lousy planner, really am.  I can't get anyplace on time... I'm either early or late.  I say to myself, 'I'll shower at 11... Head out around 12... That'll work.' Next thing I know, I'm showering at 12:30 and getting out at 1:30 and miss out on the shopping I'd planned on doing and arriving at my friends about 2:30, I buy a super late lunch and arrive at 2:15 and wait in the car 20 minutes.

That is just an example... Sometimes I get out on time, and mismanage while I'm out... Or I can't even get ready on time and end up mismanaging at home.

Last year for Nano... I started with:

Time Traveling Killer...
Joakim is the Hero.

Managed to make a 50,000 word novel out of that.

So... I'm leaning a little more toward just... Having a list again and making it work.  Seems to do well for me.