Saturday, October 8

5 Random Questions... +1

Lori M. Lee offered to ask some questions of those who replied to her blog. ^^ Here's mine.
1. Was there ever a time when you were frightened for your life? 

3 times. One is slightly personal, and it wasn't so much death.. As just the future I was scared of. The other two times, were car accidents. One, was when my breaks went out in Down Town and I ran into a building. For a few seconds, I was... Not so much frightened, as prepared to die. The other time I was smashed into by a car. We were both somewhat to blame, but it scared me as he nearly smashed into.. Well, me.
2. Name one thing that not many people know about you? 
I have... Odd, but semi genuine worries about my sanity. Mostly, I'm scared that everything in my head, my imagination and creativeness, will someday overwhelm me and I'll lose the ability to release it.
3. Mortal combat between Prince Eric (the little mermaid) and Prince Philip (sleeping beauty). Who would win? 
Prince Philip, hands down. For a few reasons. One... Sleeping Beauty beats out Little Mermaid, any day. 2, he's cuter. 3, I think his battle was more epic. 4..... Cause I say so.
4. Which apocalypse would you rather face: a natural one (the forces of nature rip apart the world), a nuclear one (world war 3), or a zombie one? 
I'd rather face Nature. Offers the most chance of survival I think.
5. Can you fake accents?
Nope. I can enjoy them... And I can pickup pieces of how others sound, but it always sounds like... Me.

I stole the next one. I just... If you know me, you'll understand.
3. Spiderman and Batman get drunk together and wind up in bed. Who made the first move? 
I think it would have been a whole bunch of.. Small, subtle moves on each side.  Then, as the drinking ensued... I see Superman leaning in for that first kiss, but Batman taking the lead in moving it into more.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.  ^^  I think... I'm going to ask the same of any viewers out there.  
Reply with a comment, including the word Randomocity, and I'll ask you 5 questions to post in your own blog.  Don't forget to post your journals to my comments, so I can check them out.