Monday, October 10

Why I Write, Pt. 2

I had to run an errand this morning, which is code for pulling on enough clothes to get by and stumbling out.  While I normally avoid the radio, when I need to be awake I'll put it on a local morning show.  While listening, a commercial came on that made me grin like an idiot.

Radio Commercial: Ever wish you wore a cape and could jump buildings in a single bound?
Me: Yes
RC: Ever wish you were a pirate, sailing the seven seas?
RC: Ever wish you were at magic school, honing you powers?
Me: Yes!!  ~to my self~ Whaaaat? I have an active imagination!!

How many out there, would have responded in the same way?  I mean, really?  We're writers for a reason.  Our imaginations are open and active, and we have pictured ourselves doing things beyond our control.

Did you ever read a book and lose yourself in it?  Or perhaps your more like myself... I used to picture myself in the story that happens after the book ends.  No wonder FanFiction was my first try in writing.