Thursday, September 15

NANO 2011

So, we're half way through the month and just over a month and a half away from NANO 2011...
I somehow managed to make it through last years and wrote a novel, that I haven't even looked at since last year....

This year, I want to work on a story I've already started... Nothing written already would be counted in my totals...  And, I know I have time but...

I can't decide which one I should work on.

My untitled Fantasy story, to which I have 6 chapters, bio's, outline and a vague idea of the end result.
My Urban Fantasy story, I Am Myself, about my own version of Werewolves, which I call Ulfur Drykkur's [Wolf Spirit in Icelandic], has a prologue, 2 chapters, bio's and no idea what the end result is.

Now, I know I have time... I mean... A month and a half and all, but.. I'd kinda like to have things more settled, before I actually have the date upon me... And have no idea what I'm doing.  Time has been flowing SUPER fast lately.