Thursday, September 8


I have a future.  What happens, is a very good question.  There are a few known things to me.

1. Next Fall, I will graduate from college with a degree in Business.
2. January 2013, my father is taking a 2 month trip down to Argentina.

Well, that's it.  Everything is, I have no clue on.

Will I still have a business?  What will it's focus be?  Jewelry? Paper Crafts? Photography? Sewn or Knit pieces?  Hell, Hand Spun yarn?

Who knows.  I like to craft and I tend to pick up things and then move on.

But, I want to change.  I want to keep at it and I want to make it work.  I'm 29 for fucks sake, almost 30... And how many things have I started and seen through to the end?

You most likely don't know the answer to that, but I do.

Very few.  If it takes more then about 4 months, I get bored and move on.  Half started things fill my world.  
Incomplete... Should be my tag line

Ideas... I have plenty of those.  Tons.  But, they seldom make it very far out of the idea stage... Too often, they never make it out of my head.

Stories I've no idea where to go next with, but love an adore.

Jewelry I want to make, but can't seem to get into the mood to make.

Idea's galore... Idea's, that go no where in the long run.

Excuse the ranting, just had a 'chat' with my father that has me feeling worthless a little... No, not worthless.. Just...