Friday, October 9

Review: Where are you now? Audio Book

I want to start this review off by telling you that I ADORE Mary Higgins Clark. Now, her books fall into a simple category...

Mystery - Modern - 'Least likely to do it, did it.'

That said, I enjoy her books. I love to figure out who the bad guy is.

Where are you now? however... Well....

Ugh, I disliked how it ended so much, I couldn't wait to move onto my next book.

Why? One simple reason.

At the end, after the MC had been badgered and hounded and damn near stalked, by the police... When we jump to the 'one year later' ending, she's working with them all 'Oh them? They're my friends now.'

I heard that and went 'What the FUCK?'

Sorry but the way they went after her was terrible. Not only that, but when they 'woke her up early' at one point to harass her, the cop was HAPPY about it.  As in, he liked that he was being difficult and annoying her and disturbing her already disturbed sleep.

Honestly it pissed me off. They weren't trying to find the killer. No, what they were doing was picking 2 people that 'worked' for them to be the bad guy, and going after them without a care in the world.

I'm trying not to give anything away here, but... Ugh, the ending bugged me. The cops were lousy and normally her books aren't like that. If anything, Ms. Clark shows a great deal of respect for police. But not this time.

Anywho, I'm working to read through most of her books right now. The ones I HAVEN'T read yet. And 90% of the time, I happen to have loved. Starting with 'Around The Town'.