Monday, March 9

Review: Act One, Wish One by Mindy Klasky

So, I've been staying in bed later than I should lately, but the last few mornings at least I've been reading.

A few days ago, bored of something, I started a book I picked up around christmas time for free.

Act One, Wish One by Mindy Klasky

When I got it, can't recall if it was in the romance or paranormal sections, or both.  Just that the cover had been kinda cute and intriguing.

Ms. Klansky's website is here

The book revolves around Kira, a 20/30 something who works in the world of the Theater, and her discovery of a magic lamp, and the Genie inside.

As with all stories evolving a genie, you have the zany-ness of the elemental being themselves, the desires they hold that revolve around YOU and the wishes themselves.

Its hard to talk too much about the story, except that you take an interesting trip with Kira as she navigates her wishes and learns how to grow up along the way.  The story was cute and engaging for a light read, and nothing too adult that a younger mind couldn't enjoy it as well.

Kira wants to stand tall, but at the same time hasn't yet learned how to go about doing that.  In the end, she seems to regret nothing she's done, and finds peace that is much needed.

There's also a book 2, which I believe follows either the Genie itself, or just the idea of genies and wishes into another young woman's life, who also happens to be in the theater world.

I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars, as it was a cute and fun read. Doubtful that I'll go back and reread it, but I want to pick up book two, along with another of her books to try out.

Kristy C