Saturday, March 7

One of those days....

Yesterday was a mixture of 'argh' and 'blargh'.

First, I'm gonna give you the 'rundown' of my morning.  Once it got started.

I went to the bank first, had to do something else.. Arrived 20 min early.. >.> Went to the store, bought a donut, choco milk and water… ate the donut, then did bank things… Then I headed downtown to the apple store. Arrive 20 min before THEY open, go to Starbucks and get a Chai… Wait a bit, head over to the Apple Store. Walk in 'Do you know what you want?' 'Yes, Gold, 64gb, iPhone 6'... Didn’t know one of the passwords, we tried all our normal ones.. Nothing… Nothing.. No one knows anything… Dad’s driving… argh. Went into the mall, and up to the Verizon store… Gave him infos, he checked ID.. 'Oh, I can give you the password, I’ve verified your ID'. >.> 'Ok. Do you have the phone in stock?' 'Sadly, no.'  Back down to the Apple store, with password in hand.. Get new phone.

Frustrating, sure. Worth it? I like my phone, and I pretend I managed to walk my donut off.

I get home, play around with the new phone, backup the old phone... Struggle with getting everything in the new one from the old one. Oh, and I list the old one on ebay.  :D

Then, I gather things up for my show. I arrive 30 min 'late' to set up, the good table is gone. [they only have 4 working 8ft tables. :P at them.]

I say 'I'd rather not be next to another jewelry maker.' and get told 'Well, suck it up and deal, you can't always pick.' >.>  Yeah, you can. The one in charge, can try and work things out so you don't have two people who do the same thing, sitting next to each other.  :P

Once I'm set up, I change and settle in. Have a few interesting people stop by, enjoy a few chats. One lady reads my palm, tells me I'm intuitive and good at communication.  I doubt her, as I'm not sure that's how I work. But, what do I know. Another lady loves 'this and this... only without that and this, only longer and OH thooooooose, only I have a pair at home similar.'

After holding a pair back and everything, I'm not sure she buys anything and leaves.  ~shrugs~ she has my car. I'll hope, but not hold my breath.

When I reach the end of the night, I've had 2.5 sales [one customer, a regular, made two purchases.] and haven't made out too badly, for just giving up time for the event.

Now, we're packing up. I'm almost finished. The lady in charge asks one person 'You need any help out? How were things? I loved so many of your pieces, but I'm trying to watch my spending. We'll try and do another one in November, when people are looking to shop.' Asks another lady the same thing, gives her the same spiel. Asks a third seller that, changing out 'I loved so many of YOUR pieces' to 'I loves so many of Person A and Person B's pieces'.

What am I doing? Packing up.

I'm finished, have it all on the tables. Do I get asked 'Do you need any help out?' Nope. Do I get to hear 'I loved so many of your pieces.' Nope. I get nothing. I just get to carry it all out on my own in three trips, then go home.

Normally, we do two a year... I think I'll skip the next one. This one left me very 'blah' at the end.