Friday, March 13

How to get my MoJo back...

I feel like I need to read a book called 'How Kristy Got Her Mojo back.' or something.

Not kidding on this. Can't seem to be inspired to do much of anything. I'm kinda thinking that when I rearranged my little work space, all I really did was clutter it up. That, coupled with the three weeks of work, left me feeling very 'blah' about jewelry design or even writing.

And that's not good for business. Today I'm going to work on updating Etsy and my story, with more of the story and etsy tomorrow out and about. If I don't game on Sunday, perhaps I'll spend the day cleaning up and rearranging a bit more.

I get that when I start cleaning up, I sit there and go 'OMG, SO MUCH CRAP!!!' and flail about like Kermit at the start of the show. But I have to try and focus, work on a spot and then move onto the next one. I can't live in a mess, it kills me creatively.

Anywho, this is more of a personal 'Do this!!' post, hoping that by putting it out there, I'll get off my ass and work.

Kristy C