Thursday, March 5

AHA!!! I'm here to post!

Ok, I swear I've been trying to type up a post for... Well, weeks now.

See, as ya'll know I'm unemployed/self employed and trying to keep from relying wholly on my father. I'd had an almost job with a company, but they said 'F-U' when I ended up having a past.  'le gasp, you're not perfect?'

Well, I applied at another company and THEY liked me, and don't care about my past, only my current.  So what started as a few jobs locally, turned into a second week out of town, then a third week...

I got home this last Sunday, and I don't think they'll have me go anywhere else, plus I can't go anyplace as I have a show tomorrow.

But, the long hours [67.5 working hours in 4 days, lots of driving around, then more driving, followed by 51 working hours in 4 days, then more driving] have paid off and I'll be doing some updating this weekend, including a new phone, some new tires, oil change, new PC [the old one isn't doing so good] and the like.

All in all, its pretty good and I'm happy.

Except, that I'm three weeks behind in everything else AND trying to remember how to be at home, and active [this week, hasn't been that good at being active] so I can get back to business.  Also attempting to NOT spend all my phone.  I'm planning on putting some of it into a CD account for the Holidays, and perhaps another one for future shows..

Which brings me to exciting news.

WORLD CON 2015!!! You are looking at a vendor!!  That's right, I was accepted as a vendor at one of the bigger SciFi-Fantasy events of the year.  This thing travels around all over the place, and somehow its landed in Spokane.

Its called Sasquan, and its in August... And I'm STOKED!!! To be going. BIG chance to make contacts.

So, that's my life recently... Making some 'big ish bucks' which will mostly be spent in a few days, but also mostly on things I need [ok, I don't 'need' a new phone, but I think I'm making the best choice for the future, as my phone is starting to act up.]

Kristy C