Saturday, January 17

Saying goodbye...

No, not to blogging.

Yes, I've been more sporadic lately, but I'm here and I'm trying...

As I've said, I'm running a sale in my etsy shop.

Well, I've had my first sale from this.  ^^ Its one of my favorite pieces [kinda feel bad saying that. I do love all my jewels, but... I play favorites.  Some, I love more than others.]

Harvest Fae, a necklace I wasn't planning to make, but when I saw the gilded leaf at the store, it I had to make it mine. And the poor necklace sat on my dress form for more than a few days, as I waited to buy the perfect chain to complete it.

A lovely friend has picked it up, and I hope she'll let me show off some pictures of it with its new owners.

Kristy C

Modeled Photo:
Photographer GmrGrl Photography
Model Carly Nicole Larsan