Monday, January 19

Busy Week of Work

My boss is gonna work me hard this week.



Anywho, today I'm picking up the new photos on models from my last two shoots. Then I'll be cleaning up at home, and updating listings.

Then Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm gonna be taking photos of all the pieces I need to get photos of. I plan on including my latests pieces, rings... And belts.

Thursday is an early day... I'll be taking my dad to work, then picking my brother up from the air port. :P have to be up way to early that day.

Friday has a hair appt and gaming.  No clue what we're doing this Saturday, but I'm hoping we can visit my BFF and Nephew, since I'm the only family member to have seen Theo.

All in all, it should be a nice week, if busy. I need to finish editing Gwen Edur's story, which I'm gonna try and do this week... Along with everything else.

See, my boss is a jerk.

Kristy C