Monday, January 5

A Job!

Ok, sure I'm self employed, but you should know by now that it often equals, broke.

My dad wanted me to start looking for something, knowing that my aim was part time work where I wouldn't be too distracted from my other work. So, I received one of the many 'Job Notifications' from the Mystery Shopping/Merchandising companies I'd signed up with several [as in about 10] years ago.

This one was one I liked working for, even if it was weird hours and lots of pain on my back and knees... But, pay is what I'm after.

Signed up, applied for work, got an interview phone call and last night I sent in the I-9 papers, proving I can work in the US.

It will mean I'll be busier at times, but I think having something to go to and a reason to get up and get out is good for me.

Kristy C