Friday, January 9

No, new job...

So, I worked 28 hours between Mon-Wed, in two parts only, and 'showed up' for 3 other jobs that i wasn't able to preform, but showed up. They weren't my fault, but were in fact scheduling errors on other sides, so I get paid for 4 hours time.

For my first week of time, which was only 4 days, I should get a paycheck for just under 39 hours [minus breaks]

Of course, the second longest set [12 hours on one job] had a sign in screw-up, leaving me unsure of it being accepted, despite my working it!!!

Anywho, after all that... I got an email today saying that when they did my background check, they saw something they didn't like and thanks, but no thanks and good bye.

Its not illegal, but its BS... You let someone work 4 jobs, without having ANY of their paperwork filled out and filed, only to learn after that... You can't hire them?  What if my I-9 proved to be a lie, and I wasn't legal to work? What if you hired someone and they turned out to have a serious crime against them, and not only don't they meet your companies requirements, but you put others at risk?

So yeah, I'll still get paid for them.. Which I deserve hazard pay on top off, since I had to deal with some pretty lousy people.

Now, I don't want to go into too much detail, but I left my second job a tired, emotional and physical wreck.

In some ways, I'm going to miss what could have been. I love that kinda job. Its got some randomness that's nice, and I really want something that lets me have some freedom, but also brings in some money.  On the flip side, it can be grueling work and leave me drained in all ways. Now, I'll go back to looking for another job of some sort.

Kristy C