Monday, December 22

Review: Agent I1: Tristan by Joni Hahn

Picked up book one in the D.I.R.E. AGENCY series by Joni Hahn a few days ago, for free, and sat down to read it last night.

First off, we have the cover [perhaps one of the main reasons I said 'ooo' to the book.]  A lovely back of a man, with a tattoo on it.  Mmm, nice.  Then there's the name Tristan. I happen to like that name.

But, what does all this equate to in a book?

The story jumps between your two main characters Tristan and Rachel's perspective, with a few leaps to others at random times.  We begin with our hero watching a woman get dressed.  Right from the start, we know there will be sex in this book.  Not a bad thing, just that it'll be there.

As it continues, we meet some pretty interesting people with some fascinating powers.  Action, adventure, sex, arguments, crying... A myriad of emotions and scenes flash over you.  It surprised me a bit that it went from 'Hi, we're meeting' to 'And, phase one is finished..' in a little over a week.  And that doesn't include the shocking '0.0' that happens several times.

There are a few moments that left me confused, as one moment a character doesn't know another, then suddenly they know some odd piece of information that they shouldn't know.  This bothered me a bit, not going to lie.

On the flip side, the technology idea was interesting.

I'll admit, this small piece might be just personal... But, I dislike the use of the world baby sometimes in stories.  I can't explain it, it just bothers me.

All in all, I think the story could go through another round or two of edits with a good beta reader and editors.  I enjoyed it, and am curious about books 2 & 3.

3.5 outta 5 stars

Kristy C