Tuesday, December 23

Books, books, books...

Not sure how long, but iBooks has several 'first books' for free right now.

I waded through and grabbed several.  My review from yesterday is one of those books.  Last night I took a friend to the store and read while she shopped.  The book isn't 'good', but I can't seem to put it down.

The start has a wizard advisor yelling at the king that the 'evil' has returned and they need to find someone important, that it won't be easy and could take time.  Next thing we know, we've got the person and have been training them a little over a week.  That skip bothers me a bit.  Normally, you want a story to move... But this sort of moves too fast.  Doesn't stop me from reading it however.

On to the next bit... I'm going to take part of the 2015 book challenge.  Goal is to read 50 books, each one falling into a category.  The image will be posted at the end.

A group on FB is taking part in the challenge, and we've got a spreadsheet to help us along.

This means, I'll be sharing more reviews along the way, as well as my progress.

Kristy C