Sunday, December 21

Holiday Parties

Oh, late night...

Yesterday, I had two parties to go too.  One was more holiday oriented, with adults, alcohol and chatting.  It was enjoyable, although I didn't know 90% of the people there.  Did discover a weird 'conversation' technique, that pisses me off.

It plays out like this....

Introduce yourself
Ask questions
Seem interested
Ask more questions
At a small pause, turn away and talk with someone you already know, but haven't seen in a bit

No joke, had it happen to me several times.  If you're not interested in what I'm talking about, there HAS to be a nicer way to leave a conversation than to just be rude.

Still, it was nice.  Tried some spiked eggnog, home made holiday vodka and something called Crème de Violette.  mmm, it was good.

After that, I left and headed to Barnes and Noble, because I thought the second party started at 8pm.  So, I talked with my brother and picked out a book for him.  He'll know what it is, but oh well.

While there, I spotted a book I want.

Leather bound, pocket edition of the Hobbit.  It think it sounds killer. I also saw another book that looked cool.

After that...

I found out that the part started about 5, and it was almost 6pm.. So, I headed over.

We all chatted and hung out for about another hour, before heading down stairs to play games.  This was a birthday party for the couple, but not something so focused on them that it was annoying.

First up was Sherif of Nottingham.  Got to lie and cheat in that one.  It was fun.
Second up was one I'd played before... Betrayal on Hunted Hill.  Its always a fun game, unless you're trapped in a room and can't leave.  Switching tables...
Third game was call Gloom and I freaking loooooooooved it.

After that, we watched others played Betrayal and chatted, before finally getting home.  For me, that was close to 2am... Maybe a little past.

Still, it was a blast.  ^^

Kristy C