Wednesday, December 3

I'm here

I swear it, I am.

I think my muse needed a break from too much writing.  Never mind that I could have just posted blogs with pictures in them.  That's what I get for kicking her.  Jerk.

Anywho, I'm working on edits and have BIG news!!!

What is this you ask?  Its an anthology, and I'm in it.  :D  Yeppers.  You can pick it up at Amazon in digital, or paperback format.  As it states, all proceeds will got to Make A Wish.

ALSO... Check out Far Horizons, which includes a short by me.  Next month will have 3 pieces written by me. :D  I'm on a roll folks!

Sho, that's me for now.  Editing, making jewelry, all that.

Kristy C