Sunday, November 30

One heck of a day

Today started out pretty nice.

I was doing ok in a few silly games I play, had vintage detective shows to listen too, and several orders for the store.

All in all, I was going to take the day off.  Got a bit tired, so I went to take a short nap. Back in my work room, I decided to clean it up more.  Opened my laptop and... Nothing.  It had just stopped working.  Forced restart gave me the 'Question-mark Folder of Doom', as its called.

What does this mean?  Most likely that my lappy's HD is toast.  Not joking here, I've been kinda bummed for the last few hours.

Tomorrow, I'm visiting the Genius Bar to take it in, but let me tell you... I'm all 'uuuuuugh' about it.  Sure, I've got a back up... and almost everything of importance is in the cloud, but that doesn't stop me from mentally freaking out over what this might mean.

At least I've had some good sales today, plus my windfall.  And I printed out my stories, so I can edit them this week with less to distract me [aka, FaceBook].  But, its my baby and I hate having to give her up.

I'll know a bit more tomorrow.  I hope.

For now, everyting will be done on the iPad.  Saving grace, I've got two backups.  The 17" Dell, and the iPad.

And this is why, kiddies, I hate to give up my backup.  Whenever I update a computer, I always keep the previous one around.  This amounts to me selling off the one before the last one.  Sure, may not get as much money, but at least I'm not screwed if something unthinkable happens.

Kristy C