Saturday, December 20

When Weird Moods are....

There are always days when your mood is weird.

Sometimes this weird is a good thing, and sometimes its kinda crappy/bad.  Here are a few examples from my own life.

Good:  The other day I kept singing, quite randomly.  Songs were stuck in my head and there wasn't anything I could do to get them out, nor did I want them out.  We're talking 'Spring Time for Hitler and Germany' from the Producers, 'Song of Love' from Once Upon a Mattress and others like that.  No joke, I sang everything.  Just how it came out.  I was in a good mood, even if I also wasn't.  It was just weird.

But, it wasn't a bad weird.  No wanting to kill anyone, no anger at minute things.  None of that.  Just me singing like an idiot all day.

Bad: Haven't had one of these in a while, but when I do it tends toward angry/weird. How? I was watching House Hunters once and the couple walked into a wonderful kitchen. It had been freshly updated, matching appliances, lovely counters and custom cabinets. And the wife says 'I'll HAVE to rip it all out.' Why? Counters were quartz, not granite... Appliances were black, not stainless steel. Cabinets were the wrong color.  What did I do? I screamed at the TV. Yep, that's a bad weird.

For women, I think these are hormonal in nature. But it doesn't hurt to also look a little deeper when its a bad weird. Are you perhaps angry at something else? Could it be like the reasons behind drastic hair cuts, when we have changes we want to make and can't?

Even the good weird might have ulterior motives. When its a good weird, just let it happen and enjoy the strange day.  Bad weird, try not to kill anyone and stay home if possible. And, avoid things that'll make you angrier.

Kristy C