Wednesday, December 24

Happy Holidays!

To whatever you celebrate, I hope it was blessed and brought you happy times with your loved ones.

Over the last few years, most likely since my mom passed, the holiday doesn't seem as enjoyable as it used too.  As a Christian, I still see it as just a day. I honor the birth year round, so one day isn't that unique.

I gave my father his gift yesterday, and my brothers will go out this weekend. I think I receive mine today.  Beyond that, I haven't picked up much for anyone else.

On to some fun news... My book is on Sale today and Tomorrow... Since its only .99, that means its FREE!!  So, head over to Amazon and pick up The Wandering Wizard.

Don't forget to check out Far Horizons eMag, which you can download in PDF to your iPad.  And of course, Winter Wishes [which isn't free, but for which all proceeds go to charity.]

Have a wonderful day.

Kristy C