Friday, December 26

Good Day?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

The best ones are those where you get to spend time with loved ones.  Sure, I got some cool things, but it was more about knowing I was loved.

Rough morning, got up late and didn't want to get going.  Then my dad and I rushed out [we both thought the movie was at 1:45, nope.. 1:15]  After that, took a short drive before heading back to town and looking for a place to grab dinner.

All I can say is, thank god Chinese places like to stay open.  Had a nice dinner, before we headed home and watched another movie.

Much crying over characters dying and rising above it all.

Now that the day is over, I hope you don't let it all fall away.  There's too much crap in the world to let what supposed to be a joyous time ruin everything else.

And above all, I want you to remember one of the best bible verses ever...

It came to pass.

Yep, that's all.  It'll pass.  Good times, bad times, painful times, hard times, sad times, quiet times... It'll pass.  So hold on, cause 2015 is a week away.

Kristy C