Saturday, November 1

What I did for Halloween...

So, I woke up Friday morning with a stuffed nose and a scratchy throat.  I'd known the night before that my day wasn't going to happen as I'd planned.

On the flip side, I've spent the last two months fighting a cold, been to two cons [hundreds of people], an outdoor event and been dealing with stress all over the place.  So, its a surprise I haven't been sick already.

At the very least, most of November is set to be done inside and and more at rest.  That being, I need to upload the rest of my jewelry to etsy and start writing whatever the heck I'm gonna write for NaNoWriMo.

Instead of going out for my events, I picked up two movies and dad got pizza... And I hung out at home.

Watched Transformers 4 and I have to say... It was better than 3, which was better than 2... But perhaps not better than 1.  [my list would be 1, 4, 3, 2].

Anywho, it could be perhaps because when I watch movies like this I expect so little out of them, that I almost always end up getting more than I planned and it makes me happy.

Stanley Tucci has the ability, I think, to make a movie better, just by being in it.  Somehow his skills always make a movie more enjoyable.  No matter what the part, good, bad, inbetween... He's a joy to watch.

Kristy C