Friday, October 31

Spokane Arts Award Show

So, tonight was the Spokane Arts Award Show.  I was nominated for the Imagination award and got 2 free tickets to the event.

I didn't win, nor was I one of the finalist, but I did have fun and that's important.

Took my friend Sandy and we dressed up [me as a steampunk person, her as an anime character].  We ate some appetizers, she had some champagne and generally hung out. Watched some of the people do the Thriller dance, then the awards were announced.

After getting our picture taken, we headed down and I got a chance to chat a bit with a friend, before we left.

Not to discount the party, but the best part for me was the dessert at the Onion downtown.  We got to try deep fried oreos [which I've had before, but she hasn't] and talk, before the drive home.  Which was also a blast.  My music is fun and good lord did we sing loudly and badly all the way back to her place.

All in all, it was a fun night and I am glad I went.  Parties aren't my thing, but it's good to get out and try new things every so often.

Kristy C