Sunday, November 2

Day 1 of NaNo...

So, Day 1 of NaNoWriMo

I spent most of the day watching tv, playing games on my iPad or sleeping.  But, I'm sick so that's just fine.

After a marathon of NCIS and Graham Norton with Benedict Cumberbatch and Maroon 5, I finally escaped to my living room/work room and started writing.

First prompt of the day?  'Edged with Blue.'  It started a piece that has time travel, love and tapestries stalking people across time and space.

~shrugs~  Don't ask, it's what came out when I started writing.

Oh, and there are no taco's in the future, which I think is sad.

Here's a snidbit.

A tall woman with piercing grey eyes looked down at the two of them.  Mouth open, Aubrey realizing she must have been well over seven feet tall. 
“Let me guess, you’ll take care of her in a world she’s never been in and introduce her to the changes? Going to try and have the producers make taco’s again?” 
Grayson shook his head.  “No, I won’t try that again.  But to the rest, its the best option right now.  Its never shown up here, so we might be safe. If nothing else, we’re more prepared for the thing.  Alise, at least give it a shot.” 
“We are not prepared for it to show up.  No one is, but we do have more information on how it works than any other time.”  Turning on her heel, Alise strode away.  “Fine, have it your way.  She’s all yours.” 
Looking down at her, Grayson smiled.  “Don’t worry Bre, I’m gonna take care of you.  It’ll take a bit, but I promise everything will make sense soon.  First, we should get cleaned up.  Time travel can leave unknown substances on our clothes.” 
“Time…Travel?”  She mumbled, eyes rolling back into her head as she sank to the floor.

Kristy C