Friday, November 28

Sleepy, Tired Me

This morning I took my dad into work [his car hadn't started on Wednesday] and while I was there, printed out pretty much all of my stories.  Missed a few, but that's ok.

Went to the write in, last one for me, and started editing my Charming Lines story.  I plan on going through a double edit, before getting beta's to check things over.  Hopefully by June or July, I'll have book 1 ready to go, with book 2 ready to go in a month.  Its a serial set, so helpful to be about a month out in work.  That's my goal at least.

When I got home, there was a surprise waiting for me.  Its a blessing, if it turns out to be real.  Could mean a chance to try and be a vendor at WorldCon next summer.  Also pay back my dad AND maybe get a new cell phone at the end of the month... Along with Christmas gifts.

It all made me antsy and so I've been cleaning up.  Not an easy task, since the room sucks for it sometimes.  Oh well, I'll figure it all out.

Kristy C