Monday, November 10

Nano day 9... Road Block

Yep, a road block.

I'm working on my Snakry Girl story... [think I'm gonna call it 'Midnight Rose'] and landed in a place where, I'm not sure where to go to next.  I know edits will have to happen later, and I like where I'm at... But I can't figure out what's going to happen next.

Or rather, how I'm going to get there.  Its feeling more and more like a full on novel, not a short story.  Which isn't bad, but kinda odd for something that started with the prompt 'Paragons of Innocence.'

Still, I'm at 33,400 in my WC today, and I'm averaging enough to keep this up.  I stopped early last night, because I got the 'second week dumps', which I don't want.  I mean, this is amazing... I'm over the day 20 goal, on day 10!!  The three years I did this one and one, I never won much more than 2 days before the end of the month.  Heck, most of the time I was writing like the wind on the last day, just to get it all in.  But this time, I could do this thing.

And its not just 'Oh, I'm amazing' that's the reason.  Between Conquer the Craft in August, and writing sprints in Sept and Oct with the Speed Dragons, I've been getting things done for a while now.  All thanks to the wonderful people who've pushed and encouraged me along the way.

If anything, this years has been a HUGE 'you can doooo eeeeet' for me.  On all fronts.  And I'm thankful for that.

Anywho... no snidbits, cause I'm at a place where I'll be giving away too much of the story and I want ya'll to buy it at some point, not knowing all the secrets it has to offer.

I'd LOVE if some folks shared their numbers with me, plus how they were able to push through the 'omg... I'm only done with the first week?' part of week two.

Kristy C