Tuesday, November 11

Day 10 of NaNo, no more road block...

I broke it.

My Speed Dragons talked with me about the story, and helped me get an idea of where to go with it.  So, I went and POW... Moved through to get another big piece of the story.  Almost 4k worth.

Unedited, The Snarky Rose [its title] sits at 17,178.  I think its about half way through.  Give or take.  We're in the 'becoming a team' phase of the story, with bigger and badder monsters/villain's taking them on.

They've had both an easy battle, and a rough one with a baddie that got away.  On the personal side, Jasmine's got some romance problems starting to work into her life, which is what makes a teen romance story even better.

Already, I have a short list of changed I need to make later on, but that's for next month.

I have 2 goals for myself.

1, to reach 40k today at the Write In... Then to splurge and buy a Cinnabon when I do.
2, to 'win' before the end of the week.

Pulling the numbers I have lately, I should be able too.  Even with the road block yesterday, I've been writing about 3k a day, almost 4k.  Once again, I think its the Speed Dragons to thank for that.  Along with some competitiveness.  Because of all the sprints we did the last two months, I honestly have been closer to those numbers anyway.

It all makes me feel like I'm a real writer.

Kristy C