Sunday, November 9

NaNo day 8...

Or, how I wrote a ton of words and ended up at 30,057 and almost 10 days ahead of the NaNo schedule.

Yep, I did that.  Spent hours working on my writing, took a few break and even felt like I was moving 'slowly' in WW's, only to end up writing more words than I normally do.

Won't be a long post, cause I'm drained and today's busy with a photoshoot for my jewelry.  It'll be good to get a break.


Gonna share something else this time.  This is a piece I wrote with the prompt 'Bottled Memories'.  Hope you enjoy it.

He stared at the small container that seemed to shimmer as it caught the light.  From the moment he’d opened his eyes, it had been all he could see, almost as if the bottle was calling to him. 
“Its yours.”  The sound echoed through the small room, causing the mans face to scrunch up breaking of perfect silence. 
“What is it?” 
A figure moved in the otherwise dark room, only his outline visible.  “Bottled memories.  A chance to never look back at the man you once were.  You came to us, seeking a new life.  We removed all that had once been you and placed it in that bottle.” 
She finally stepped into the light, looking at him. “Its one of the services we provide to those who have lived a life they no longer wish to have.  Along with your memories, we changed your look.  Helps keep the past from returning.” 
“Why did I want it all changed?” 
“It’s not our job to know why, only to change what you request us to change.  Some are unhappy, others have done evil… A few are just bored.”  Holding out her hands, the woman gestured to the walls and then at the bottle.  “You will always have this room to return too and decide if you wish to make it yours or not.  Its included in your payment.  But once you take it back, you’ll never be able to remove it again.  The process is only doable once.” 
Looking at the bottle again, he wondered what had brought about the change in him.  “What if I wanted this life removed? The one I’m about to go live now?” 
She raised an eyebrow at the man, a smile twitching at the corner of her lips.  “That, we could do.  But you’ll only ever be able to drink one past.” 
“I think…”  He turned and headed out the doors and away from his past. 
Watching him walk away, the woman knew he would be back.

Kristy C