Saturday, November 8

Day 7 of NaNo... And a lovely Panic Attack

So, my Friday was swamped and I wasn't gonna be able to spend as much time writing, as I thought I would.  I was actually wrong about that, since my gaming only took up the early evening, not the later part. Got home early, and planned to get to work.

I'd managed to write up some words before gaming started [about 600 in fact, not too bad.] on a new story that arrived on Thursday.  I reached a place of pause in my other two biggies, and pulled out a bunch of prompts I liked to use as a kinda... Cleansing palette thing.

They gave me 3 shorts [two completed, one in works] and 3k in words.  Not too shabby for some shorts.

On the next one, 'Paragon of Innocence', I got something from out in left field.

The story starts on a bus, with a young girl [17] listening to a conversation from the two girls in front of her.  Its not something she wants, but its something she's stuck with.  A guy behind her, one she's known for years, but had sort of forgotten about, starts to chat with her.

Out of no where, the bus runs into some BIG, and she has only one choice on what to do...

Sneakily change into her Magic Girl persona, and fight it.

Yep, that happened.  Snarky girl is a magic girl.  And its a blast.

Before my snidbit, let me catch you up on my Friday night.  After gaming, got home..Did writing and was about to start a Word War [WW] when something sparked a panic attack.  Heart started racing, body aching, head hurting and a bit light, out of breath.

Ah, the joys of panic attacks.  :P

No idea why, just there.  I kinda pushed through to do some writing, then gave up for the night.  My saving grace, was that I managed to still get in the daily 1667 [over, but still] and pushed myself into for sure being quite a bit ahead.

23,789 is my current WC, and that's just past day 14's goal.  ON DAY 7!!!  For me, that's freaking HUGE!!

Anywho, here's a piece of my Magic Girl story.  Hope you enjoy. [Its long, sorry]

Laughing, I ended up wincing as one of the bimbo’s screeched a moment before the bus smashed into something fairly solid.  Turning around, I blinked at what that ‘solid’ thing was. 

“Crap.”  I mumbled, blindly digging into my bag.  I did not need this right now.  Risking a glance behind me, I noticed Cory had vanished.  Half standing, I looked around the bus for him.  Most of the students were crowding their way off, so I figured he had done the same thing.  “Finally!”  I cried, pulling out the smartphone I kept hidden away.
Taking another look around, I sat back down and managed to mostly hide myself as I dialed a number and pressed send. 

Can I just say that changing into a ‘magical’ girl while you’re laying on the seat of a bus is not something I wanted to repeat any time soon.  Bad enough I had to carry on this stupid family thing, but if anyone figured out it was me.. I was screwed. 

Yay for having a magical smartphone that could teleport me out of the bus and behind the monster. 

“Hey, bug brain.  Looking for a real fight?” 

Who said that?  I was supposed to be the one giving quirky quips to the big and evil things that seemed to wander around our city like it was free pass day from the looney farm. 

Ah, there was a guy standing on top of the bus.  Guessing that’s who stole my thunder.  Ok, lets see if I can remember the phrase my mom told me had to be said for the baddies to know why they should fear me… Something about ‘paragon of truth of something…’ Oh yeah. 

“Yo, ugly.  Stand down, or prepare to fight the [pure truth that only loves mighty strength can grant.]”  He turned to look at me, frowning 
I kid you know, he frowned at me.  Jerk. 
“What?” I yelled at him. 
“You thaid it wrong.”  He got out. Don’t think words are what that mouth was meant for. 
“I what?” 
“You thaid it wrong.  Ith ‘The paragon of truth will thow me the thrength only love can grant’.”
I glared at him, this really sucked.  I hated my family.  Stupid magical people with their stupid magical phones and annoyingly pink outfits.
“EEKKK!!! Look at him, he’s so sexy!” One of the bimbos screamed, as the magical guy jumped off the top of the bus, landing next to me. 
“I don’t mean to interrupt this reunion, but think we could do away with this dark creature?” he asked me, sounding… Annoyingly right, and kinda like someone I knew. 
“Fine, whatever.”  Looking him over, I didn’t bother with a few of my ‘attacks’ knowing they’d just annoy him and cause lots of damage.  I swear, magical people did more property damage than the monsters. 
Taking my little tiara off, I screamed out the ‘spell’ to release it.  Someday, I was gonna learn if I had to say it all, what with the spinning around and all that, or if I could just throw the damned thing. 
“By the light of the sun, by the grace of the moon, I send thee back to the hell from which you came!” 
“What about more banter!!” he cried, just before my tiara struck home and he splintered into a million little pieces. 
“New to this?”  The guy asked, smirking down at me. 
“Yeah, look… I’ve gotta go.  But please, don’t steal the spotlight again.  Towns only big enough for one magical dweeb and I’m it, got it?” 
“Sorry, I’m here to stay.”  He said, before swirling his cape (really, a cape?) and vanishing in a puff of smoke. 
“Well crap.”  I said, pushing a few buttons on my phone and letting it transport me away, while transforming me back to me.
:D  Its gonna be awesome.

Kristy C