Thursday, November 6

Day 5 of NANO!!!

WOOOO!!!  DAY 5!!!

>.>  My WC is awesome!!!


Yep, fifteen thousand, three hundred, sixty-four.


I wrote some in both my Tapestry Time Travel AND the Gamer Romance story.

On another front, I also made a bracelet today.  I kinda like it, but I'm gonna ask some others too.  What do you think?


From the Gamer Romance piece [which is 9000 words long right now.]

“Moonchild no longer wants them.  They’re looking for something and those people aren’t it.”  Turning back to glance at the small thing, he blinked.  “You’re purple.” 
“Yeah, I’ve noticed.  Thank you for saving me.” 
He shrugged, “I ain’t your savior.  Just don’t think someone should arrive and then be kicked off like that.  Few survive the fall." 
What's the role of her amber eyes, Paris walked a few feet away from the stranger. "I didn't say you were my savior, just that you had saved me. Besides, the act of saving kind of makes you a savior."

Kristy C