Tuesday, November 4

Day 3 of NaNo... 0.0 Holy Crap!!!

So, I started the day with a fairly nice Word Count.  3564 words, with 3333 being the daily goal.  A little ahead and not that bad a number to have by day two.  My main goal was just to write about the daily average and keep it up.

Then I sat down to write last night.  I know, only day three.  Sush and liste... Ah, read.

Gave myself 3 prompts.

'I've got my evil goblets, I'm ready now.'
'Waif -- Person (child) who has no home or friends.'
'Soul Stripper'

All three just spoke to me, so I kept them all out.  Gave them to other to use as well.  ^^

4345 word later, I'd started another story and had no idea where or what it was for, just that I liked it.  Don't get me wrong, I WILL get back to the Time Travel Tapestry thing, but this piece just said 'write me, write me, write me.' and lately, I'm going where the prompts take me.  Seems to work with my mind.

This piece is a kinda romance for some gamers, playing a tabletop RPG called Soul Strippers.  I have a vague idea of how the name comes into play.  Weirdest part is that the characters, Lily, Rose, Alex, Jace and Aidan had to come up with their own characters!!  No kidding.  Not a whole thing like in D&D, Pathfinder, WoD or others.  Its loosely based off a few games I know or have played where you don't get to do much character creation, that comes as you play.  :D  Its more fun I think.

But, there is some information they each had to get on paper.  And so now, I'm writing and creating TWO worlds at the same time.

My muse is a bitch.  And epic muse, but a bitch none the less.

Think of it as what they have to be doing in.. The Gamers, The Dorkness Rising or Hands of Fate.  You have the 'normal' world, then the 'RPG world' and they're different, yet connected.  Its all very Shakespeare and complicated... But exciting and speaks to my love of World Building.

So, I'm about 400-500 words away from Day 5's word goal, and I've yet to write on day 4.  :D  Stay tuned for an update on my WC... and the worlds I'm working in.

For now, a sneaky peak at the start of this new story.

“I can’t believe I’m looking through the personals for a date.”  The red head glared at her best friend, before gabbing the paper back from her.  “I mean, really?  Look at these things… ‘Interested in someone who’ll dance in the rain with me, and roll in the hay. Send a reply to…’ Is this for real?” 
“Just because you’re weird, doesn’t mean you can’t find someone worth talking to.  I mean, here’s one… ‘I’ve got my evil goblets, and I’m ready to use them.  Join me on a date with the soul stripper.  No waifs wanted, just a real person who likes fun and dice.’  Good lord, this could be you.” 
Reading it for myself, I chuckled a bit.  “I’ve heard of Soul Stripper.  They’ve said its a pretty good game.  And it says he’ll meet at a gaming shop, so there’s less risk of it being someone who’s just gonna stalk and do bad things to me.” 
“Lilly, he’s still gonna do bad things to you.  It’ll just be in game.  What DM has ever been a ‘nice guy’ for the whole game?” 
“Plenty… Ok, not the whole game, but come on?  Join me this time.  Please?  I don’t really wanna meet this group, or guy, alone.” 
Rolling her eyes, the blond gave in with a smile.  “If it’ll get you out of the house and away from moping about that loser you dumped, sure.” 
Bouncing in her seat, Lilly hugged the other.  “Thanks Rose.  You won’t regret it.”

Kristy C

P.S. OH YEAH!! I learned that I can use dictation with my lovely MacBook Air.  :D  It ROCKS!! And I did most of the 4k I wrote, by talking to my lappy.  It KICKED ASS!!!!