Monday, November 3

Day 2 of NaNo...

So you're warned, good chance almost every update this month will be about NaNo.  I'll try and slip in other things as well, but you'll find a LOT of NaNo over November.

Anywho, wrote 1888 words for day two, bringing my total upto 3,564 words in all.  ^^

My weird time travel piece got some extra words, as did another piece.  It may be finished or it may still be a work in progress.  Can't say for sure.  If anything, I think it needs more in between.

Here's a sneaky peak of it.

I remember running from someone on the street.  They’d caught me stealing food and decided that wasn’t something they could let go just then.  Bad enough that the world had come to a screeching halt three months before, didn’t need teen thief running around stealing food too. 
Yeah, money’s tight, but there’s no way anyone can pay for the food, when we’re not even working any more.  Only people with jobs are those few with connections.  Leaves most out on the streets. 
So, I took some food and was trying for a hair brush when they caught me and I ran.  That day really changed my life. Wish it could have been all for the better.

Kristy C