Saturday, November 22

Day 21 of NaNo

At least the day's not over yet...

So, yesterday was one of several bad mornings I've been having lately.  No desire to get up out of bed, barely able to feed the cat, before I'm back in bed for a few more hours.  Sucks.

Did some errands, picked up a new script and then to the bank.  Then, to gaming.

Had a nice chat with one of the gamers, before we got into the actual game.

I won't say what one, so I don't give anything away.  But, I play an Oracle of Time, 13th LV.  All six of us were on an airship, that was going down.  So the Wizard and I headed off to take care of the ship, while the others flew after our reason for being here.

Step into the Engine room, I look around.  Nothing.  I don't trust it.  [My characters not a trusting person, at all.]

I use my Time Sight, where I can see them.  Whispering to the Wizard, I say 'There's a person over there.'

:D  Then I point in the other direction and send off a new spell, Undeath to Death.  Take out four of six zombies.

I think the Wizard and I had fun in that little battle.  Walking around with a Cleric who likes killing things, two paladins and a fighter rogue, sometimes you end up being left behind in the dust, nothing but support.  Nope, we kicked ass.

Then, we still crashed.  But from 100ft away, we're effective and just focus on killing things, while the others do the up close and personal.

Got home, after an incident of 'OMG, NO GAS!!' and sadly contributing to my dad's bad day, by needing him to rescue me.

Did some writing a little before, and after midnight.  [I count it as the same day though.]  Did a weird, I'm tired, scene in the story and hated it, then was able to turn it around into something cool.  I may have info dumped, but we'll see in the edits.

All in all, wasn't a bad day.  I enjoyed the game, and I enjoyed the chance to beat people up.  My oracle dislikes undead things, and takes great joy in rekilling them.

WC, 77,473

Kristy C

OH!!  Also, check out this KICK ASS Video.  Made me laugh [and just keep watching this groups stuff.]