Sunday, November 23

Day 22 of NaNo

Somehow, I threw my sleep pattern out of whack and now I'm barely getting to sleep before 2 or 3 in the morning, which pushes my getting up later and later.  Need to get out of this thing.

Once again, did my writing last night and only just barely managed to get it all in before passing... Almost out.  Sucks.

Almost to 80k.  Marked my 'info dump' section, in case it turns out to be too much all at once.  Then the story said 'Now, we need to leave this place we worked so hard to get into, and go there... But only after sweeping declarations, predictions and a surprise twist'.


I really do think that section might have too much going on all at once.  Edits are in the future for this story.  On the plus side, its freaking book three!

Kristy C