Friday, November 21

Day 20 of NaNo

Not much to say today.

But, I did want to share a story I wrote.

Also, I'm at 75k.  Big part of me wants to see if I can't make it to 100k.  Who knows if it'll happen, but I'm kinda wanting it too.

Anywho, here's the story.  The song that inspired it, has been really pushing at my mind for a while now.  Something in that song has a story that wants to escape, but isn't ready yet.  So, every so often I write while listening to it, and end up on a repeat until I'm finished and drained.

Keep careful watch of my brothers souls…

The words drifted to her ears, bringing with it the dark memory of the last time it had played.  She loved it, despite that pain.  Its melody grew in pitch and passion.  That was what she missed most in this place, passion.

And I see fire…

It was the fire that spoke to her more than anything else.  She could still see the horror of it, stretching out for miles around her.  Red filled her vision, no place was safe to run or seek protection.

Burning the trees…

A circle was all that separated her from the heat and pain that threatened to overrun her as it had everything else in the world.

I see fire…

Inside the circle, it was cold and lifeless.  There was no life, but her own in this place.  A desolate place that wasn’t worth protecting, if she was honest.

But it was all she had.

Then we shall all burn together.

He had screamed that out to her as the fire had started.  Around them, people tried to run from the destruction and death.  But it was everywhere, and nothing was beyond its reach.  He had seen to that.

We should all die, together.

That was his goal, and only the circle protected her from his desire.  At first it had been big enought to protect more than just her.  But his power was greater than hers, and the fires burned through it all until only she was left.

And if the night is burning, I will cover my eyes

He blamed her for the deaths, naming each one as they fell.  They both knew that he didn’t have to do that, as each life lost brought an image to her mind.  Even with her eyes closed to it all, she couldn’t escape.

With that shadow upon the ground, I hear my people screaming out…

Tears fell down her cheeks as the memory of his eyes when she’d first denied his vision for their creation.  It was in that moment, she had known her brother was gone from her forever.

Confined in mountain halls, we got too close to the flame

Too long, they had stayed in the halls of their godly home, rising above the people and forgoing the duties given them by the people below.  When word reached them of the faithless acts, he had seen only one ending to the story of this place and time.

I see fire… Blood in the breeze

A remnant of the world they had left, he swore that only through fire, could they cleanse this place of its godlessness.

I hope that you remember me…

When he had realized his mistake, it was too late for them.  Resting a hand on the side of her prison of protection, sorrow filling his eyes at the beauty he had destroyed.

“And I see fire burn, auburn on, the mountain side…”  She whispered, looking back out a the still burning home of her people.

Kristy C