Thursday, November 20

Day 19 of NaNo, or...

The day the story kicked my ass.


I promise, no ranting at you today.

I was working on my story during the virtual write in, and it started to reach a place where I noticed it wasn't going to have a third book. Now, I don't mind that too much, except that it didn't end how I thought it would.

The story had to remind me that sometimes, I don't have as much control as I thought I did over how things go.  Its not bad, just different.

In some ways, the story reached the conclusion I wanted, just a 35 thousand words before I was prepared for it.  ^^

So, I hit the block and was glad to at least have reached over 1667 for the day, because I was ready for bed.

On another note, I saw my doctor yesterday and she's given me something to take when I have a panic attack.  Since everything seems to be helping me with the depression, I get why she'd rather not yank me off it and go through everything again.

If the side effects are minimal and manageable, there's no point in a detox and new trial.  I'll see her again in 3 months.

Two publications will be released soon with stories of mine in them, and I've got more in the works with one magazine.  Once enough time has passed, due to a personal tragedy, I want to contact someone who told me to do so, about an anthology idea or two.

So, there's my little update.  Life moves on, no matter what.

Kristy C